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Finding You Sanctuary


Warrior Veterans



Rescued Dogs

while engaging

Surrounding Communities

Hi! We are Finding You Sanctuary and a new non-profit 501(c)(3). We have been earnestly preparing to launch for 3 years and are finally ready! Here, you’ll find the entirety of our fundraising campaign. Please feel free to peruse, engage, explore, and if you feel compelled, contribute. We appreciate any and all interaction!


Here’s to supporting our veteran, dog and community clients.

All program and services provided to client veterans are free of charge.

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What we do

We rescue misunderstood and discarded dogs to help support our warrior veterans returning home.

Your donations will have a huge impact on veterans and rescue dogs and reestablishes the ancient reciprocal, social contract between the warrior, citizen and nation.

Our blog

Stay informed and up to date with our mission related posts. Share these stories as your way of engaging your community and honoring the lives of our veterans and misunderstood dogs.

We Believe  In Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

is how we all relate to everything 

and everyone and reflects the very foundation of life that is based in 

Natural Law.

Natural Law does not replace

human law, however it 

renders it unnecessary.


Warrior Veterans


Rescued Dogs

while engaging a

Grateful Nation

We use a unique method that fosters a deep connection between human and dog which allows the dog's behavior to be used as a way to self-monitor the 

human's state of mind enabling self-reflection and self-management.

Connect with US


We are interested in your story and your perspective as it relates to our mission.


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