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Behavioral Specialist

Apprenticeship Program


The Finding You Behavior Specialist, Apprenticeship Program is dedicated to helping qualified individuals become Lead-Behavior Specialists in the Finding You Method and its application to various programs. Finding You Sanctuary has ambitious plans to scale operations to include many programs and 80+ rescue dog and client pairings per year. A Lead Behavioral Specialist will play a key role in our ability to help create meaningful and lasting pairings and will be qualified to orchestrate pairing operations for an entire facility.


The Apprenticeship Program is comprised of 3 achievement levels and will offer individual designations attributed to proficiency in and ability to apply the method within various programs.


Level 1  Behavior Specialist-Aide

Level 2  Behavior Specialist-Guide

Level 3  Lead Behavior Specialist


The qualifications for admission into the Apprenticeship Program includes the following personal behavioral attributes discovered through an interview and hands-on session(s) with Lynne Karli.


A calm, introspective nature that embodies true empathy and a strong sense of universal respect toward all living things.


A tendency to maintain objectivity and neutrality toward others that aides in overcoming preconceptions and critical judgement which often leads to greater listening skills.


Equally important is an understanding of a dog’s natural behavior within a pack along with the requisite passion and perseverance that allows a dog to live in its natural state of being.


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