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Finding You Veteran's Program

demonstration study

We are accepting applications for the

Finding You Veteran's Program-Demonstration Study

The viewing of all applications and related information is confidential and restricted to the Core Program Director and Executive Director. We strive, with every action, to gain and maintain the trust of all our clients.

Apply using the link below

The Finding You Sanctuary is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) and not associated with any government organization and operates according to all public charities, compliance requirements.

Demonstration Study

Veteran Selection Criterion


All Study and Program sessions are free of charge to all client veterans.

The Finding You Sanctuary-Demonstration Study is being conducted to enhance and document the application of a unique behavioral method in a program that supports veterans diagnosed with PTS(D). The program is designed to help the veteran manage and reduce their symptoms using the Method with their own dog.


The Study will consist of 1-2 veterans (at least 1 male or 1 female) and their dogs*. The Study will be conducted weekly for a period of 4 months.


Prospective participants qualify by following this set of criteria:


  • Participant must be a Veteran of the US Armed Forces and diagnosed with PTS(D).

  • Participant must currently have a dog that is suitable to participate in the Study.

  • Participant must have a suitable place to live for both them and their dog for the last 4 months.

  • Participant must have the financial ability to support a dog.

  • The use of alcohol or non-prescription substances are prohibited while attending the Study.

  • Participant will not have any type of weapon while attending the Program.

  • They must be able to attend all scheduled, weekly sessions through the 4 month Study.

  • Participants must be within accessible proximity to Franklin, MA, the Study’s base of operations and have access to reliable transportation.

  • Participant must have a trusted family member or friend that will act as their designated Support Person who will play a continued, post-Study role in applying the Method.

  • Participants must cooperate and assist the Behavior Specialist to update the VA’s PCL-5 Survey on a monthly bases.

  • All participants and Support Persons must acknowledge all direct and implied, verbal, and written constraints and limitations and sign the following documents:


      Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreement

      Liability Release Agreement


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