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Soldier's Heart    Visit us on the Web

SH was founded by Dr. Edward Tick & Kate Dahlstedt, MA

Their mission is to transform the emotional, moral, and spiritual wounds that often result from war and military service and they have developed a proven holistic, community-based, spiritual method of healing that goes beyond conventional treatment methods.

SH has guided FYS toward understanding the importance of the "Honored Warrior Identity" in the veteran's path home and the shared responsibility civilians have regarding the "reciprocal, social contract between warrior, citizen and nation."

Soldier On   Visit us on the Web


John Downing, President & Bruce Buckley, Chief Executive Officer


Soldier On is a private nonprofit organization committed to ending veteran homelessness. Since 1994, the organization has been providing homeless veterans with transitional housing and supportive services. SO is reciprocating with FYS client referrals and is mentoring us in Veteran Services best practices.

Medfield Veterinary Clinic, MVC   Visit us on the Web


The MVC was established by Dr. Richard Crowell in December of 2002.


Their dedicated staff will be caring for our rescue dogs from the time they join us at the FYS until they have gone through the program and are safe and comfy at home with their new owner.

Worcester Animal Rescue League, WARL  Visit us on the Web


Allie Tellier is the Executive Director


Since their founding in 1912, WARL has been dedicated to the care of the animals who provide so much for their human companions.


WARL takes in dogs from Massachusetts and other states and will be helping the FYS provide the most suitable dogs for our veterans as well as for adopters from our local community.

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