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Community Center


This is our proposed community center which needs some repairs and updates to enable most of our operations throughout the year.


The overriding concept of the community center is to provide a common area where all members will have adopted Lynne's Method.  It will be a place where veterans, volunteers and civilians from the community at large along with their dogs can co-mingle and learn about how our reciprocal, social contract between our honored warriors, citizens and nation can be renewed to once again support our common interest. This extends to a greater appreciation of the many ways that the average dog and other creatures can serve and enrich our lives.

The community center will have a lending library, and will sponsor lectures, seminars, ongoing classes, storytelling, group discussion sessions and ceremonies. There will be a wide range of alternative or complementary, therapeutic services available as well as wooded paths where all can wonder with their dogs, and meet old and new friends while communing with nature.

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