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Our Volunteers

There is no one more passionate and dedicated than a volunteer. They embody the spirit that enables everyone to achieve the project's mission and often add incalculable expertise.


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Christine Haslam

FYS Contribution: Videographer, Post Production Editor & Board Member

Mike Giovannucci

FYS Contribution: Post Production Video Editor & Rescue Dog Parent

Cathy Corcoran

FYS Contribution: Program Development & Conceptual Site Plan Rendering

Avery McStay & Oshan Jarow

FYS Contribution: Website Development, Media Design & Coordination

Teagan McStay

FYS Contribution: Marketing & Media Support

Maria Weiss & Kathy McStay

FYS Contribution: Event Planning & Creative Marketing

Ainsley McStay

FYS Contribution: Behavior Specialist Intern

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