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The Finding You Sanctuary, Veteran's Program™

All program and services provided to client veterans are free of charge.

The Proposed Finding You Veteran’s Program


Pairing veterans with a rescue dog or working with their own dog.

Establish the Honored Warrior Identity.*

Teaching the nature of the dog and how to develop a deep connection.

Teaching to read the dog's behavior to view their own emotional state of mind.

Using this deep connection skill set to begin the process of managing symptoms.

Private graduation then community celebration with extended support network.

Lifetime Sanctuary membership, from program to forever.


Together, veteran and dog embrace the journey toward restoring both souls.


The Program is a holistic approach including these activities


From the start we enlist a veteran's support person.

Both led and self directed meditation.

Involved dog care and companionship training.

Field work that progresses toward more dynamic, public activity.


Estimated high success of pairing and graduation rate will be 40+ veterans per year with the current facility.

Plan to expand the operation to enable as many as 80+ pairings per year.

* Tick, Edward. Warrior's Return: Restoring the Soul after War. Boulder, CO: Sounds True, 2014. 129. Print

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