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Pairings & Adoptions

The FYS will evolve into a center well known for our ability to foster lasting pairings with veterans and others from the community, and likely well beyond. Adoption will be predicated on the individual's ability to practice our unique Method in their daily conduct with their new companion and home life in general. We believe that this is the key to creating deep connections that allow for effortless coexistence.

Rescue Dog Preparation

Our rescue dogs can be any breed and may already belong to a veteran. They will be prepared using Lynne's unique method, to be among dogs and people. They are familiar with how to naturally attune to both a dog and human pack, and they understand and obey the basic commands of a “Companion Dog”, as well, they exhibit appropriate behavior in public places. Our rescue dogs do not necessarily wear a vest; instead, the veteran will be supplied with an ID Card profiling both the veteran and their dog for public access.

Pack training involves re-learning the rules and boundaries that is true to their nature. During the command sessions, we emphasize the dog’s comfort level in working with humans by introducing the basics of interaction.

These rules and boundaries can appear different depending on the dog and the environment, and a range of tendencies will need to be observed. Once they exhibit proper pack behavior, it is time to start with command sessions. The pack training and command sessions can take anywhere from a few days to a full month depending on the dog and its history. Through this process, they are ready to quickly adopt a deep, primary relationship with a person and become a trusted companion to the veteran.

We also groom and crate train them on a regular basis. Each dog receives veterinarian care when they arrive at our facility, unless care has already been given.

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