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Lynne's Rescues: Piper

Piper was initially adopted at 1.5 yrs old, and went through a succession of 4 foster homes before finally arriving at my doorstep. Each family would fall in love with her looks and demeanor, but Piper's high energy and activity levels quickly prompted them to return her.

The last family was so frustrated, they planned to release her into the woods. I was contacted, and Piper became my newest rehab candidate. The process went smoothly, and Piper integrated well into the house pack by participating in daily group walks & supervised play times.

Her forever owner, Leigh, was the first person to participate in my one-month visitation program prior to official adoption. Leigh visited Piper every day for one month, allowing pet and new owner to work on specific behavior issues with me & establishing a genuine bond.

To this day, Piper lives happily ever after

with Leigh and her cat!

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